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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Photo: taken by George Opejo, Christ Church, Nairobi, Kenya

Mission: East Africa.

We have arrived back from East Africa, and we are in the process of making public at which location we will serve:

Nairobi, Kenya, or
Mityana, Uganda, or
Gulu, Uganda

We liked all three.
We liked them, despite:

the clouds of dust from the unpaved roads;
potholes in the road, lots of them;
the malaria mosquitoes that whine at night;
a consistent 102 degree heat at 5 pm in the shade;
the several electrical failures of a day or more;
the occasional running water outages;
the almost total Internet blackout at times;
the regular near death experiences on foot, by car, or by any other form of transportation;
the risk of parasite ingestion.

At least one or the other of us learned to love:

treated mosquito netting;
several different varieties of peanut sauce;
beans, and rice, matoke, beans, and rice, matoke, beans, and rice, matoke.....;
geckos in the bathroom;
boiled water (to drink).

At times, it was like camping....indoors

We loved it because we made a difference for the Gospel, and the people loved us for it.

We saw lives changed and healed by what we did. We saw the potential for so much more.

We envision ourselves as part of the world-wide body of Christ coming together in East Africa, to share all our spiritual gifts for the building up of the body of Christ, there. Complementary ministry. And with that in mind, we are inspired to go back, to change more lives for the Gospel.

"What can we do, to help Shaw and Julie?"
We would appreciate your on-going prayers and financial support. You are valuable members of our team when you do these things.

Please make checks out to: "SAMS", and put "Mudge" in the memo space. The mailing address is: SAMS, P. O. Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003-0399.

You may also arrange for automatic deductions from your bank account by calling SAMS at: 724-266-0669.

"Will you be visiting our parish or group?"
We have been lining up visits to parishes and groups. To arrange for our visit, send emails to: or

God bless you,

Shaw+ and Julie+

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