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Monday, February 6, 2012

Prayer Mail from Uganda

Dear Praying friends,
Thank you for your prayers.
This is our weekly public prayer mail.

The Lord keeps answering prayers right and left.

We are having a great time in Gulu, Uganda, in the Diocese of Northern Uganda and are the guests of Bishop Johnson.

(We arrived in Kampala, Uganda, on Wednesday, and a coordinator in Kampala arranged for our 5 hour land transportation to Gulu from Kampala.). Uganda is about the size of Oregon, and Gulu is in Uganda, on the road to Juba in Southern Sudan.

It is the dry season. February is the driest and hottest month of the year. Currently, at 5:22 pm (9:22 am East Coast Time) it is about 88 degrees inside, at least 97 degrees outside, and a fine layer of red dust can settle on just about everything at any time.

On Thursday, we are scheduled to be driven to Mityana, Uganda.

Today, I preached at the local cathedral and at Christ Church, both in Gulu. Both parishes were packed with hundreds of people, each. The parishes have several services a day.

Over the next two days, I and Julie will be giving workshops at the first Lay Reader training in the Diocese of Northern Uganda.

We like it here.
We have been blessed and have been a blessing.

We are trying a local Internet connection, and it is somewhat successful, but I need to ration my time. Some photos may appear on my Facebook site, depending on ease of uploading them.

That our logistical questions would be answered, for a long-term assignment.
That we choose the right site that the Lord has in mind.
For our family in the U.S.

Thank you for praying. Your prayers have been important.
God bless you.
Shaw+ and on behalf of Julie+

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