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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayer Mail from Mityana Uganda

Dear Praying Friends,
Praise the Lord!
We are preaching and teaching in Mityana.

It is summer weather, has been over 100 degrees since we arrived in Mityana from Gulu on Thursday, and now, I am hearing thunder for the first time (even though it is dry season). Uganda is having a heat wave in the hottest part of their year.

I preached at the Cathedral during the Mityana Diocesan Synod on Friday (It convenes every two years). We both preached at St. Michael's in Mityana this morning.

We begin three days of teaching, tomorrow, at the local theological college:
Shaw: leadership (Monday), Marriage and Family Life (Wednesday)
Julie: Stewardship and Accountability (Tuesday).

Bishop Stephen is a truly wonderful spiritual leader.

We return to Kampala on Thursday.

Please keep us in prayer.
Daily power outages.

We have limitations on our Internet service as we try to find the right service that would work long-time in Mityana. So, we may not be able to contact anyone by email or put pictures on Facebook until we return to Kampala. But you can still send us email messages, that we would open when we have the opportunity.

God bless you,
Shaw and on behalf of Julie.

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