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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update from Uganda

Hi, everyone,
Public mid-week update.

We are having a great time in Gulu, Uganda.
Despite: Dust.

Update: Running water just came back on. Electric power just went out, again. It's like camping, in a way. Temperature is a bit lower than yesterday. Perhaps down to 95 degrees.

I was preaching in two parishes, including the Diocese of Northern Uganda cathedral on Sunday.

Bp. Johnson set us up to teach at the first diocesan Lay Reader Training Program this week. Our part just finished. They said that they will miss us. We believe that. The clergy said that they find us very easy to get along with, from the start. One of the Vicars said that is it not often that you meet people that you have such an immediate connection with. They are praying for us to come back.

I taught on Roles of a Shepherd, yesterday. I taught preaching and the importance of pastoral visiting today. Julie taught on the importance of devotions, today. All were topics the Bishop wanted to be taught.

About 60 to 70 people, including some clergy, attended, both days.

The clergy visually saw that the 60 or so lay leaders dramatically improved their sermons because of the three hour sermon presentation today, based on the group exercises and presentations that followed.

They like Julie's teaching a lot.

We still have some more of the Diocese to see, tomorrow, and then on to the Diocese of Mityana on Thursday.

It has been fun.

No one can really pronounce my first and last name, and so I am becoming known as the Rev. Dr. Omehgoo (my phonetic pronunciation), which means "Brother." They like that. So, some day, there may be mysterious stories circulating around northern Uganda, about....

Some photos are on Facebook.

God bless you.
Shaw and on behalf of Julie.

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