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Monday, January 21, 2013

Prayer Mail

Dear partners in prayer,
Happy Epiphany season!
This is our weekly public prayer mail.

This week's overview:

We have added a couple of people to our prayer mail recipient list this week.

The Commission on Ministry in the Diocese of Belize is pleased with my annual report, and they have asked me to teach a diocesan-wide intensive course in Belize in mid-May, the week before Pentecost.

Semester classes began this week. Our inventory of courses is building, with several more in process of development. The goal is to continue to develop the 24+ courses over the next three years.

It is really awesome having interactive courses with students in Belize. It's not like email; it is more like text message teaching in a group session, and the effect is incredible. It is almost as if we are all "right there" alongside everyone (wherever each person's "there" is), even though the students are in different parts of the country of Belize at the same moment. Someone might be able to describe what this experience like, somewhat adequately, but that does not do the experience sufficient justice. When experienced, the result is a jaw dropping "Oh, wow!" It is a relational culture. These are relational courses.

Prayer requests:

1) For our classes and for the students in the various classes. We pray that the students would participate as led by the Holy Spirit.

2) The search continues for a suitable medical insurance premium. We are tracking down potential leads. I appreciate everyone who has been praying for us about this. We are also praying for others in the same situation.

3) For our travel plans for Western Tanganyika in April and for Belize in May.

4) For the plans and decisions in front of each of our family members.

Your prayers are really important for us. I pray for you every day.

God bless you, and thank you for praying.

In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+

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