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Thursday, October 16, 2014


!Diocesan Synod, Anglican Diocese of Belize; photo taken by Fr. 
  Shaw Mudge, Examining Chaplain. (c) 2014.

Mudge Missionary Newsletter.  October 2014. 

"We wish to thank Fr. Shaw Mudge, Examining Chaplain, for his innumerable trips to Belize that helped make this possible." That was the sentiment underlying the public announcements as well as the subtext for both the ordinations in September and the break- out sessions at the diocesan Synod in October in Belize. ! What did I do? I made progress, one step at a time. There are now 4 new deacons in the Diocese of Belize, the largest number of ordinations to have taken place at one time in living memory in Belize because of our efforts. 4 transitional deacons who are slated to become priests in another year! I also helped plan and organize a break-out session at the Diocesan Synod that provided invaluable input to help the Commission on Ministry chart its course ahead. Bishop Philip was extremely gratified with the responses from the participants. The Diocese of Belize now has the beginnings of a map towards clergy recruitment between now and 2029 as part of a strategic plan to meet the parish needs in the Diocese of Belize! Those are two major highlights. And there is more in the works. The work is ongoing, day by day, 365 days of each year, wherever my base of operations is located. The Diocese of Belize has months and years of work ahead, and Bishop Philip would like me to be at his side, helping him to make it possible. 

Ordinations in the Diocese of Belize; photo taken by Fr. Shaw Mudge, the Bishop's Chaplain for the service. (c) 2014. !  
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