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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Prayer Mail Sept 30

Dear partners in prayer,

I am writing this on September 28, with prayers for September 30.
I have arrived in Belize, and co-led a retreat with Bishop Philip about 4 miles from the Guatemalan border, for people being ordained deacons on Monday. Today, I represented SAMS at the installation of David Alenskis, as Rector of St. Andrew's in San Ignacio, and then we proceeded to St. Hilda's in Santa Helena where I played a part in the consecration of the church bell and celebrated Holy Communion at the Sunday service. I am now in Belize City. Later today, the ordination rehearsal. Tomorrow, the ordinations in Belize City.

When holding a retreat in the jungle part of Belize, it is always heartwarming to know what to do when possibly encountering the local wildlife while walking around out here. It is the rainy season. Scorpions, usually dry season. Not much to worry about at the moment. Vipers (very deadly) and Boa constrictors (just likely to ignore you). Let them do their job and they won't bother you. Tarantulas, not in the immediate area, not the deadly type, but like scorpions can pack a whallop. Stinging ants. Not much one can do about them. But a surprising lack of mosquitoes, so concern about Dengue fever and Malaria are minimal. So far, so good.
Prayer requests:
1) Continue to pray for the Mudges especially for me on this trip, parish visitations in the U.S., the Anglican course which is underway, and that I would be a fruitful servant for the Kingdom of God. 

2) Pray for Julie and Lydia while I am away. We seem to have a rash of things happening, that I would rather not have happen. Have to get a new computer, for example. My 2008 casing took a hit in my travel to Belize. It still works, but it is on its last legs.
3) Pray for the upcoming Albany mission workshop presentation on November 1, on re-entering the home environment. 
4) Pray for a speedy sale of our dwelling in the Albany area. Keep praying for God's buyer.

God bless you.
In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ and Lydia. 

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