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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Part of our booth at the Diocese of Albany annual convention.

It was a great Albany diocesan convention for us at Camp of the Woods this past weekend. We introduced quite a few people to what we do; the videos and display were very helpful. New people signed on. Opportunities for parish visits opened up.

When people asked me what I did, my response became: “I work in Belize and Tanzania, and when I am not actually there, I telecommute from wherever I am, including from this diocesan convention.”

We have three base camps from which to work: Belize, Tanzania, and telecommuting from wherever else our computer may be.

I was telecommuting on a computer from the Purdy Center and Tibbitts Auditorium buildings at Camp of the Woods, during the Albany Diocesan Convention. In fact, I pointed out to some of the visitors at our booth that I was sharing the same cyberspace at our booth with students in Belize and Tanzania. And, students (such as Beverley and Paul) contact us as part of their own telecommute.

How is this possible? Currently, there are several ways for all of us (students, faculty, and support staff) to access the online seminary program from just about anywhere in the globe, including remote areas of Eastern Africa or Central America.

Students might use a computer with cable or wi-fi access to the Internet, or use a telephone with access to the Internet, or use a “tablet” with access to the Internet (tablets are great, especially when travelling in a vehicle or in locations where computer access to the Internet is slow or where computer networks are non-existent).

News flash: Use of Skype has just been allowed in Belize as of early May 2013. This is especially important as a way for students to be able to contact me, because in May, Bishop Philip of Belize appointed me the Vocational Counselor/Spiritual Director, for quite a few people who are pursuing lay or clerical vocations in Belize.

Ways to support us.

Your prayers and financial support make the online educational ministry happen. Thank you.

Please make checks out to: "SAMS", and put "Mudge" in the memo space. The mailing address is: SAMS, P. O. Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003-0399.

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