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Monday, June 17, 2013

Prayer Mail

This is our weekly public prayer mail.  

Julie and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary. I found a wonderful anniversary card that really captures the essence of how Julie and I see ourselves (and have seen ourselves for the length of our marriage). It is awesome.  

This week's selective overview:  

1) I have begun getting out and about visiting parishes, especially in the North Country. We have several visits scheduled over the next month and a half, with more in the wings as we have a clearer idea of what our upcoming schedule is likely to be. Praise God!  

2) We are the only Anglican seminary option actually in Belize at the present time, and we are available to help the faculty at Kasulu Bible College with their work, as necessary, in ways that would not have been possible, otherwise. So, is the missionary work that we are doing important?Yes. Absolutely. You make it possible.  

3) Over the coming months: 4 Old Testament courses will be in the works, a New Testament course, 2 theology courses, and emerging is a new item (at the request of Kasulu Bible College and others): "English as a Second Language", designed especially for theological students and clergy. Furthermore, we may be seeing a way to begin translating our materials into Guatemalan Spanish.  

Prayer requests: 

 1) Keeping up with course creation, administrative matters, and teaching. A software upgrade in our learning management system is planned for this Wednesday (with this Friday as a backup day). Pray that it would all be going smoothly. 

 2) The program is transitioning from 1 or 2 person operation centered around what I am doing, into a wider network of volunteers on three continents. I need prayer for the wisdom and discernment to balance it all, God's way: letting go, letting God, allowing the brilliant volunteer stars to shine, keeping it on course.  

3) For the organization and prioritization of parish visits. That God's will be done.  

4) Increase in support to keep up with the increase of what we are doing as missionaries.  

5) Volunteers who can translate our materials into Swahili and Guatemalan Spanish. We may be seeing some movement in this area.  

6) Volunteers who can design a 24/7 course "English as a Second Language" for our online theological context, especially for people who speak Swahili. We may be seeing some movement in this area. 

 7) Prospective ongoing mission trips to Belize and Tanzania: timing, length of stay, content, attendees, impact of the Holy Spirit. I have been asked to attend the October Cursillo Weekend in Belize.  

8) For the students and their families: that they would persevere despite the issues on their plate, and their vocational paths. There are some real challenges here for them.  

God bless you, and thank you for praying. I pray for you every day. You all are really great. We could not be doing this without you.  

In Christ,
 Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+

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