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Monday, June 10, 2013

Prayer Mail

This is our weekly public prayer mail.
Convention has been a great success.

This week's selective overview:

1) We have had a good time at Convention. Quite a few people visited our booth, and we were able to set up parish visits. At least 4 out of 5 Mudges convened.

2) Based on the conversations that I had at Convention, a good way to describe what we do that helps people understand the mission work: We are involved full-time with mission work in Belize and Tanzania, and when we are not on mission trips in those countries, themselves, we are telecommuting to both countries, daily. Both the mission trips and the telecommuting are important aspects of what we do.

There are 3 base locations for our Online Anglican Theological College (OATC) work: 1) Belize, 2) Kasulu Bible College in Tanzania, and 3) our mobile station wherever our computer happens to be - anywhere in the globe, even in the Purdy registration area or at our booth in Tibbitts during Diocesan Convention (via wi-fi).

3) Lydia has had a great 1st week with her first online university course.

4) Julie arrived back safely from visiting relatives in South Carolina, while traveling with her father, back and forth to Colorado.

5) I have made great progress in the faculty course, "Course Design" this week. Some more work to go. I set a deadline for June 15th.

Prayer requests:

1) Keeping up with course creation, administrative matters, and teaching. We will be doing a software upgrade in our learning management system sometime soon; pray that it would go smoothly.

2) Parish visits.

3) Increase in support to keep up with the increase of what we are doing as missionaries.

4) Volunteers who can translate our materials into Swahili and Guatemalan Spanish.

5) Volunteers who can design a 24/7 course "English as a Second Language" for our online theological context, especially for people who speak Swahili.

6) That the Holy Spirit would bring to us the people we need to meet, and get us to the places we need to go; possible additional expansion plans surfaced at Convention. That we would continue to keep going at the Lord's pace.

7) Prospective ongoing mission trips to Belize and Tanzania: timing, length of stay, content, attendees, impact of the Holy Spirit.

8) For the students and their families: that they would persevere despite the issues on their plate, and their vocational paths.

9) For all the things on our plate as a family. Hannah had a birthday last week, and Julie and I have a wedding anniversary this week.

God bless you, and thank you for praying. I pray for you every day. You all are really great. We could not be doing this without you.

In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+

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